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New Partnership Introduces the ScandMist Difference to India

Vokes Air is proud to announce the creation of a new partnership with Indian industrial filtration experts Filter-On that will introduce ScandMist oil mist eliminators to the expanding Indian automotive manufacturing sector.

The new agreement will see Filter-On deliver installation and aftermarket services for Vokes Air’s ScandMist range of oil mist eliminators, providing local and international customers with full support for their filtration systems.

The move is in response to growing demand from existing Vokes Air customers who also wish to utilise ScandMist in their Indian manufacturing facilities. Magnus Andreasson Head of Vokes Air’s Industrial division explains “Many of our European customers are establishing manufacturing sites in India and are seeking to ensure that workplace air quality there meets the same high standards that their European employees enjoy. We are delighted to begin this relationship with Filter-On that will allow us to meet this demand and provide our Indian customers with all the benefits of ScandMist filtration.”

As the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company in this sector of the Indian market, Filter-On are uniquely positioned to fulfil Vokes Air’s commitment to working with the best possible partners who are able to provide both a superior service and high levels of expertise.

“Our strengths lie in a unique combination of decades of experience in oil mist and air filtration technology coupled with vast air handling system engineering capabilities” said Andreasson. “Filter-On’s extensive knowledge in the design and provision of air handling systems, particularly to the manufacturing industry, makes them the perfect match to enable us to broaden our reach into the important Indian market and provide the local support that our customers need.”

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, Filter-On is ideally located to serve the thriving local manufacturing industry as well as the wider Indian marketplace.


About ScandMist
ScandMist oil mist eliminators were developed by Vokes Air to remove oil mist and smoke from the workshop environment. Mist, smoke and harmful particles such as bacteria, generated by metalworking machines are extracted at source and cleaned by a three stage filtration process. Clean air is then returned directly to the workshop and exceeds international health and safety standards for maximum exposure limits to metalworking fluids.

Through a comprehensive product range ScandMist can improve productivity, lower numerous costs and reduce energy consumption, all through a low maintenance and easy-to-install design.

About Vokes Air
Vokes Air’s air filtration solutions are utilised in numerous applications across the globe to protect people, processes, equipment and the environment. From industries as diverse as facilities management to biological research, our air filters are at the forefront of innovative design and at the pinnacle of technical quality.

Our industrial division provides solutions that are designed around the exact needs of modern manufacturing and industrial processes – ensuring the protection of human health, the environment and equipment, whilst maximising output.

About Filter-On
Filter-On (I) Pvt.Ltd. provide design, manufacture, installation and support services for indoor air pollution control systems and air filtration systems. Their unique product portfolio is used in a variety of applications such as welding fumes extraction, oil smoke and mist collection, intake air filtration, and clean room HVAC systems.

Since 1983, Filter-On has served clients in various industrial sectors with more than 1500 installations across India. Filter-On is also the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company in this sector in India.