Option 3: Company-wide subscription


The Manufacturer offers company-wide subscriptions to allow you to ensure persons at your workplace have access to the latest information about the manufacturing industry.

One of the major benefits of the company-wide subscription is that we register your company’s IP address range meaning that if you or your staff are accessing The Manufacturer from work, it will automatically log you in with no passwords necessary. In addition, we provide you with a generic login to allow your staff to access the site when outside of the office.

For a company-wide subscription can include:

  • 12 months full access to The Manufacturer website including UK, US & AUS editions
  • 12 months access to the digital edition of The Manufacturer magazine UK
  • The weekly e-newsletter with the latest UK manufacturing news – sent to as many staff as you would like
  • The Manufacturer magazine UK delivered to each of your company sites each month

From £995.00 contact [email protected] for your unique package and price.



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