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The Road to Customer Intimacy Through a Service – Centred Approach

Report-FCIn times of uncertainty and squeezed margins, servitization offers a means to regulate ‘peak and trough’ revenue streams, fostering more predictable and secure cash flows.

A study by Aston Business School’s Advanced Services Group, a world-leading centre of excellence in research and practice on servitization, identified that manufacturers can create sustained annual business growth of 5-10% by offering advanced services to new and existing customers.

This white paper explores servitization in the most practical of senses. If your business has already made the first step, or is considering embarking on its own servitization journey, this is vital reading for you and your business’ decision-makers to question your existing processes and ensure you get the most out of your transformation journey.
It brings together research conducted by both The Manufacturer and Aston Business School’s Advanced Services Group, and the insights gained from an exclusive servitization roundtable event hosted with Microsoft, which brought together senior leaders from across UK manufacturing.
The roundtable took place on October 18 alongside Servitization 2016, an annual day-long conference delivered by The Manufacturer’s Thought Leadership Network.

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