Xplore – Professional’s Roadmap: Evaluating Mobile Technology the Right Way

How to select everything you need for your environment the first time around.

The crowded mobile device marketplace can make for a tedious and confusing buying journey, and many honest missteps can be made along the way.

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to confidently select the right mob…

Locate In Kent: Growing Your Manufacturing Business

What steps should you take when planning the next chapter for your business?

It’s not just a case of plan and plan again when it comes to strategically planning future capacity for your manufacturing business.

This helpful five step guide from inward investment agency, Locate in Kent points out f…

Big Data – Cheat Sheet

Want to know the answers to the burning questions around industrial data strategy?

Take advantage of months’ worth of research by The Manufacturer ahead of the UK’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals – Industrial Data Summit, 10 April 2019, London.

Blockchain Applications in UK Industry

Silicon Valley recognises the UK as leaders in Blockchain start-up technology and manufacturing leaders are now starting to take notice.

This report, written by Digital Catapult, highlights the increasable pace of innovation in this space and how the UK is uniquely positioned to take advanta…

The C-Suite Guide to Digital Business Transformation

Innovative ways to take your business efficiency and collaboration to the next level

Across every industry, C-level executives are focusing on innovation and technology to improve the efficiency and performance of their businesses.

Now more than ever they need to develop strategies that make t…

Industrial Automation – Cheat Sheet

Benefit from months’ worth of research by The Manufacturer ahead of our largest gathering of Automation and Robotics experts – Manufacturing Automation and Robotics Summit – 13 February, Birmingham.

We have put together the six most commonly asked questions by manufacturing leaders in t…

The Manufacturer Guide to Big Data

The Manufacturer Guide to Big Data collects together our 10 most popular articles on Big Data and manufacturing – featuring end-user case studies from the factory floor alongside overviews and explainers. Many of the issues covered in in this eBook will be addressed in our interactive di…

The power of unified communications

A new report says there is a hidden risk in the growing move by manufacturers to adopt technologies that improve their productivity by connecting disparate elements of their business.

Research by communications company Daisy, in partnership with Mitel and The Manufacturer, suggests that compa…

Introduction to Manufacturing Automation & Robotics

Are you as automated as you want to be? If not, read on!

The Introduction to Manufacturing Automation & Robotics is The Manufacturer’s 10 most popular articles on Industrial Automation & Robotics and compliments the upcoming Manufacturing Automation and Robotics Summi…