Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing

On September 30, Atos and The Manufacturer invited a carefully selected number of senior decision makers from across the UK Manufacturing sector to the Atos Business Technology and Innovation Centre (BTIC) in London for a roundtable event.

Atos & The Manufacturer Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing ReportHosted by Mukesh Parekh (VP, Manufacturing and Retail, Atos) and Henry Anson (co-owner, The Manufacturer) the event – Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital – saw high profile figures from manufacturing organisations, industry bodies and technology partners discuss and debate the impact of digital solutions and technologies on the sector.

A focus was placed on real world experience and how those gathered in the room have seen digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 concept play out in practice on their own shop floors and production sites.

The facilitated discussions at the event targeted four key areas of digital transformation and the separate yet interlinked challenges these present: Operational Excellence; Customer Experience; Business Reinvention, and Trust & Compliance.

This Directive on Digital Transformation for Manufacturing report presents an overview and consolidation of the discussions that took place at the event, and draws out the key conversations, insight and thoughts presented to help inform, educate and inspire as you pursue you own journey towards digital transformation.

You can download the full reportĀ free of chargeĀ here.