Hazard Warning Report

The Hazard Warning Report by insurance company Zurich says that more than three quarters of Britain’s manufacturers (78%) are more optimistic about their industry than 12-months ago.

Making the UK the best place to invest

The UK can be the top western economy for business investment if the government can help industry with frontline investment needs like creating certainty, keeping business costs down and developing new markets.

Revolutionise Customers Relationships

Manufacturers have for many years focused their efforts on implementing lean and continuous improvement projects in their factory's. This report highlights ways that manufacturers can make their sales functions as efficient as their factory floor operations through using 6 key strategies to increase competitiveness and profitability through improved customer acquisition and retention.

The Manufacturer Annual Manufacturing Report 2010

Introducing 2010's much anticipated Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR). Sponsored by Barclays Corporate, the AMR 2010 reports on the findings of this year’s research in the areas of Economy, Government Policy, Finance, Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics and IT.

hybris B2B Commerce

Today’s online business customers expect the same level of usability, personalization and functionality in a B2B site that they encounter when visiting B2C retail sites. Next-generation B2B solutions deliver automated order processes, improved information flow, expanded collaboration with channel partners, automated exchange of documents and a consistent shopping experience.

Stimulating growth and employment in the UK economy

This paper, published in July 2010, presents the case for changing the focus of the UK government’s direct business support for manufacturing SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) from ‘productivity’ to ‘growth.’