The Path to Operational Excellence

Thanks to advances in technology and connectivity, organisations can achieve efficiency gains today that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago.

For company leaders to keep their eyes on the prize of operational excellence, they will need to team with someone that has the experie…

Prescriptive Asset Management

Hitachi Prescriptive Asset Management Screenshot

There has been a paradigm shift in the maturity of the asset management techniques and the overall ability to capture machine data.

With this advancement, optimisation of assets to maximise usable life through traditional techniques such as time-based maintenance and total productive shop flo…

What You Win When You Lose The Tools

For decades tooling has been the leading method for quickly achieving accurate and repeatable, high quality parts in high volume.

Until recently, no other manufacturing process could compete, which has been problematic in cases where high volumes are not needed, or when tooling constraints res…

Realise your true growth potential through data and advanced analytics

SAS e-book screenshot

Today, more than two-thirds of UK manufacturing organisations recognise Industry 4.0 as an opportunity, with other industry experts expecting the trend to add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

But for many, the Industry 4.0 they have worked to introduce into their organisations is on…

Formidable Field Operations: The internet of things advantage

Connected Manufacturing IoT Stock Image

The Internet of Things (IoT) has galvanised decision makers across industries to think about new ways to connect assets and devices, both internally and externally. In many cases, this enthusiasm has led to an overzealous “over-connection” of devices with little operational over…

Practical Pathways to Industry 4.0

Siemens Whitepaper Finance ScreenShot

What are the obstacles to digital transformation and how manufacturers can  overcome them? New research from Siemens Financial Services has highlighted the top two major obstacles to a successful transition to Industry 4.0  as digital skills and access to finance for the scale of investment. Th…

Designing Jigs & Fixtures with 3D Printing – FREE whitepaper

Fabdec has invested in LED lighting across its operations which leads to cutting energy costs - image courtesy of Fabdec.

The Manufacturer has partnered with Formlabs to provide you with a new whitepaper detailing how manufacturers can easily create jigs and fixtures using 3D printing. 

For manufacturers, improving production speed while maintaining high part quality is critical for success. Jigs a…

Tech-Clarity Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Cloud PLM System

PTC Whitepaper 2 screen shot

Although manufacturers have started to adopt cloud solutions for many aspects of their business, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has lagged behind. The transition, however, is picking up pace.

More companies are considering cloud PLM and many already leverage the cloud to get more value fro…

The Manufacturer: Annual Manufacturing Report 2018

Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 from The Manufacturer and Hennik Research

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 (AMR 2018) was launched recently at the House of Lords. It is already generating conversations throughout industry for the insights it offers, not just into the state of manufacturing in the UK but also the mindset of manufacturers.

You don’t need a repo…

Manufacturing 2020: How far is your business looking into the future?

Manufacturing 2020 - Report Social Image

Learn how to take your manufacturing company to 2020 and beyond with this exclusive new free report from Columbus and The Manufacturer, and published by Raconteur.

Manufacturing decision-makers must be able to look to 2020 and beyond to deliver an effective and future-proofed business.

That’s t…