Resource efficiency: A missed opportunity in manufacturing

Front Cover - TM 2Degrees Manufacture2030 - Resource Efficiency Report 2018

A new report by The Manufacturer on behalf of sustainability experts Manufacture 2030 says industrial companies are missing out on opportunities to save money – and the environment – by failing to use non-labour resources efficiently.

The report’s key findings:

  • The improvement of non-labour resource efficiency is one of the greatest missed opportunities for cost reduction and improved competitiveness in manufacturing
  • Although senior management in many manufacturing businesses are broadly supportive of resource efficiency, finding the right implementation teams and creating cross-company cooperation is a challenge
  • Significant barriers to resource efficiency are perceived to be time scarcity, complexity and the risk of disruption
  • Despite good intentions, many manufacturers fail to set meaningful targets for resource efficiency, which compromises both the creation of focused projects and the ability to assess them
  • There is a lack of easy-to-use, low-cost tools for running resource efficiency programmes

All these issues and more are explored in an exclusive new report from The Manufacturer and Manufacture 2030. 

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