How to stand out in the war for talent

The term “war for talent” was created in 1997 and refers to the fierce competition to attract and retain employees at a time when too few workers are available to replace the people now departing the workforce in advanced economies.

Fast forward to today – the manufacturing industry is growing at a pace we’re struggling to keep up with. Britain’s manufacturers are facing the biggest shortage of skilled workers since 1989. With many great candidates either happy in their current role, or being headhunted for other opportunities, available top talent can be hard to
come by.

In demand candidates who are actively looking for a new role are being snapped up quickly.

The end result has been that many businesses are falling victim to the ‘hire fast, fire fast’ approach, which can result in spiralling costs, project slippages and existing employees left feeling uneasy and unsure about the future of the business.

So how can you ensure you are attracting the right talent to your business, ahead of your competition? Here are some tips that you should be implementing right away…

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