GTK on course for 600% ROI

Connectors and cables - photo courtesy of Public Domain Photos

Needing to improved factory-floor efficiencies while also gaining better insight into product costs, Basingstoke-based custom hi-tech cable manufacturer recognised it required better visibility into detailed factory-floor operations.

Out and about – Sony UK: Navigate your future

It’s a little known fact that global technology giant, Sony, has its last remaining European manufacturing site nestled in the remote countryside of South Wales. And, with a history in South Wales stretching back forty years, the site has experienced highs and lows in equal measure discovers Jon Tudor.

Interview with Alex Mardapittas: Powersurge

Posted on 18 Jul 2013 by

High energy prices are the bane of British manufacturing – or are they? Alex Mardapittas, CEO of EMSc (UK), a manufacturer of voltage optimisation equipment, has rather more ambivalent views on the escalating cost of energy which is bringing his company steady international success.