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“… the people who will succeed fifteen years from now, the countries which will succeed, are those which are most based on a sustainable vision of the world. That is what we should be training people to do.”

Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, Secretary of State for Education and Skills, 25th March 2003. (cited Forum for the Future, 2004)

Great steps have been made towards developing an economy based on good environmental practices. Yet although Charles Clarke’s message is a decade old, there are still great advantages still to be realised.

This page is designed to provide you with ideas for how to increase and improve your company’s level of sustainability and help you reap the environmental, social and economic benefits of ‘going green’.

About IBM

IBM is a company of more than 430,000 employees, doing business in nearly 170 countries. We manage a supply chain of more than 20,000 suppliers.

We engage a vast network of stakeholders, from clients, to employees, to business partners, to investors. And the work we do impacts not only individual companies’ business success, but the efficiency and innovation of countries, cities, governments, communities and our planet’s critical infrastructure.

At IBM, our approach to sustainability is twofold: we are working to make our existing products and processes more efficient for both the environment and for business, while also developing new innovations that can help the world become smarter, drive economic and operational improvements, increase accountability and lessen environmental impact.

For more information visit: www.ibm.com/ibm/green

Meet some of the IBM team
Dr Trevor Davis, IBM

Dr Trevor Davis

Dr Davis is an IBM consumer products industry futurist and expert on good practices for developing and launching sustainable consumer brands successfully.

With over 20 years of international business experience in brand development and brand building, Trevor has extensive experience of consumer and market insight through advanced analytics (e.g market segmentation and launch analytics), consumer communications (including digital marketing), portfolio and project management and open innovation.

Richard Lanyon Hogg, IBM

Richard Lanyon-Hogg

Richard Lanyon-Hogg is an Executive IT Architect and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM (UK) Industrial Industries. These industries encompass aerospace, automotive, defence, oil & gas and electronics.

His focus is to provide technical leadership to IBM’s clients in the areas of infrastructure innovation, strategy and architecture. He was co-contributor to the books CBI Guide, Innovation, Making IT happen and Business in a wireless world. With the support of Defra, Mr Lanyon-Hogg has recently launched several open papers on the ‘Greening of the IT Enterprise’.

Energy Saving Checklist

The Carbon Trust estimates that you could cut the energy bills in your manufacturing operations by as much as 20% just by implementing simple, inexpensive energy efficiency measures such as using variable-speed drives, fixing leaks in your compressed air systems, and cleaning your refrigeration condensers.

We’ve compiled a simple energy saving checklist to help you make those savings. Click below to get started.

Energy Saving Checklist


Smarter Energy: Smart Metering


More Videos


Driving performance through sustainability

The IBM Institute for Business Value interviewed executives about sustainability strategies their businesses are pursuing and the benefits they’re gaining.

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Getting smarter about the environment

This report looks at how to build efficient, sustainable operations.

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How much energy do your IT devices use?

A guide to comparing their efficiency and cutting their carbon footprint, supported by the UK Government’s Green CIO.

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Cutting the carbon footprint of IT

How to deliver measurable savings – an IBM study with the support of Defra.

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