Offshore industry boost for the North East

Posted on 1 Dec 2011 by

The North East has secured two new renewable energy hubs.

The Centres for Offshore Renewable Engineering signal a welcome boost to manufacturing in the North East, arriving as part of the government’s £5bn infrastructure plan.

The Government has designated five sites in the UK as Centres for O…

The Royal Mint achieves gold standard in energy management

Presentation of ISO 50001 to Royal Mint
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The Royal Mint became one of the first organisations in the world to achieve certification for the International Standard for Energy Management (ISO 50001) today.

Released in June 2011, ISO 50001 is the most robust framework for optimising energy efficiency. The certification has been awarded b…

UK economy on track to meet carbon targets

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne
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The task of rebalancing the UK economy away from carbon is well-progressed and is set to result in greater energy security and the development of new innovative technologies, the government’s Carbon Plan showed today.

The Carbon Plan has set out the UK’s progress in cutting emissions and …

Growing a green economy

Rhodes Superplastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding (SPF/DB) Presses are specifically designed for high temperature forming of titanium and aluminium alloys, primarily for the aerospace industry.

In a period of difficult economic recovery what the UK needs most is sustainable growth. However if this is to be truly sustainable, we need to both rebalance and decarbonise our economy. The problem is that policies in these two areas are often pulling in different directions.

This may be a natural r…

Chris Huhne opens UK’s first carbon capture and storage plant

Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
Posted on 30 Nov 2011 by

UK carbon capture and storage technology took a major step forward today as Energy Secretary Chris Huhne launched a flagship test programme in Yorkshire called CCPilot 100+.

The project is worth more than £20m, setting up a partnership between partners in the energy sector; Scottish and Souther…

Prime Minister David Cameron backs drive in wind investment

David Cameron, Prime Minister
Posted on 29 Nov 2011 by

Investment funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds are among groups today being asked to join the UK’s renewable energy revolution and invest in large offshore wind projects.

At a conference in London, MPs will meet potential investors in offshore wind projects to establish what can be …

£2.4m wired to the energy network

wind turbine coast
Posted on 28 Nov 2011 by

A four year government-funded programme that aims to develop new technologies to help meet the needs of the UK’s future power systems will kick-off with investment of £2.4 million in feasibility studies.

This is inestment is designed to stimulate innovation in automated power distributio…

Industry needs a consistent policy on carbon reduction

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Posted on 28 Nov 2011 by Tim Brown

British industry is looking to the Coalition for a more consistent approach to carbon policy, concluded a recent roundtable at the House of Commons, organised by carbonReduction, the Achilles programme for carbon certification and supply chain emissions.

Attended by a number of the UK’s larg…

Energy costs will increase by 53% by 2030, DECC says

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In its annual energy statement, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said the cost of electricity will increase dramatically over the next two decades due to government policies.

These could add up to 44% to the price Britain’s energy-intensive companies pay for their electricity by 202…