Businesses advocate a state-backed bank

Banks have come under fire for not lending enough. Photography by Elliott Brown.
Posted on 3 Sep 2012 by

Following the market failure in 2008 that has stunted lending and led to a lack of trust in keeping money with banks, the British Chambers of Commerce argues that Britain needs a state-backed business bank to support new and fast-growing companies.

New members to the Technology Strategy Board

Posted on 30 Aug 2012 by

Two new members have been appointed to the Technology Strategy Board. Business Secretary Vince Cable announced that Douglas Richard and Hazel Moore will serve on the Governing Board of the UK’s innovation agency until June 2015.

Holt Review: Industry responds to apprenticeship reform

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 by

Following publication of the Holt Review, the Government will bring in measures to help small businesses recruit apprentices and to overhaul the complex and often misunderstood apprenticeship system. Here are some of the industry reactions to Jason Holt's proposals.