Streamline your operations with supplier portals

Today, the impact of supply chain automation is clear across different industries.

When you are manufacturing products, either to sell directly to the public or to sell in a B2B capacity to retailers or resellers, your suppliers are among the most important people in your business ecosystem.

From an administrative perspective, and also a strategic one, you probably spend more ti…

A smarter future in a digital world

This new research reveals that innovation around big data isn’t a London-based phenomenon
An overview of the thoughts and discussions raised during an exclusive roundtable event hosted as part of The Manufacturer Directors’ Forum and leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, Cognizant.

Rise of the machines

Rise of the Machines - K3 CRM Advertorial
Rather than facing it with fear, manufactures should see the rise of the machines as a way of remaining responsive to the needs of customers, while increasing productivity.