Logistics & Materials Handling

Sequencing operations in auto manufacturing

Bill Bacon, MD of Automotive, DHL Supply Chain UK.

As consumer demand for greater product variation, availability of parts; and quality components increases, automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are looking for innovative solutions to ensure that their business can compete in the global marketplace. Bill Bacon – MD of Automotive at DHL Supply Chain UK – reviews the process of sequencing operations that many manufacturers are turning to, to ensure an efficient, smooth running process.

Will Amazon 3D printing trucks revolutionise logistics?

Amazon's 3D printing truck patent diagram 2 - image courtesy of US Patent & Trademark Office
On 19 February, Amazon filed a patent application in respect of the equipping of trucks with 3D printers so that products can be printed on-demand, whether en route to the customer or at a customer’s doorstep. Cerys Wyn Davies, partner of Pinsent Masons LLP looks at the potential impact of this method of product delivery.