Manufacturing Leadership

The Operations Director – Gary Clark, Rexam

Posted on 6 Oct 2013 by

The operations director's job is challenging, needing to balance the sustainment of high productivity levels with the health and safety of a large workforce, while minimising costs often across multiple sites.

Marshalling Marshall

Stephen Fitz-Gerald, CEO of Marshall Aerospace Group, talks about his strategy for growth in engineering solutions and the privileges of running one of the UK’s few exemplary Mittelstand-like manufacturing firms.

History Men

While long-dead engineers are still widely recognised, modern-day geniuses like Trevor Baylis and James Dyson (pictured above) are not as well-known, according to IET research.

Do you need help with pay data?

Posted on 17 Sep 2013 by Tim Brown

Are you recruiting for new employees and concerned about getting the pay package both competitive but also cost effective? Are you reviewing pay rates at your company? Have you seen an increase in the turnover of your employees? Or do you have to deal with regular complaints from your workforce about pay?