Supply Chain

Manufacturing on its way back West?

Container ship - photo courtesy of jdnx
Posted on 25 Feb 2013 by

With the pound weakening, wage increases in China and the Coalition keen to promote British manufacturing as a way to reduce the UK’s huge trade deficit, reshoring is the term of the moment.

100% horse meat

The horse meat contamination saga escalated yesterday when it was revealed that some Findus ‘beef’ lasagnes on sale in the UK consisted of 100% horse meat.

Supply chains: The pinnacle of supply

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is defining the future of how companies manage their supply chains and receive goods. The company provides vending solutions for the supply of goods, from PPE to engineering components, which allows for easy access by shop floor staff.

Horse meat in beefburgers scandal

Quality testing and fundamental flaws in supply chains. Hilary Ross, partner and head of food at business law firm DWF ponders the challenges for food producers in the wake of January's discovery of horse meat in burgers produced in Ireland.