3D scanning a part or the President

From rapid prototyping to quality control, Artec 3D has developed 3D scanning technology to innovate and streamline processes for a host of different industry verticals including aerospace, automotive and medical.

The Manufacturer visited the Artec 3D stand at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 (SWW16) to speak to Andrei Vakulenko, Chief Business Development Officer at Artec 3D, and experience their scanners first hand.

3D scanning President Obama

ButĀ 3D scanning has a host of other applications including for heritage preservation or even to scan the President.

Historically all presidents have a bust created of them utilisingĀ plaster of Paris, and a very patient president.

President Obama, however, opted to instead be 3D scanned using an Artec scanner and have his bust made in a more technologically sophisticated manner.

For more information on Artec 3D scanners visit: http://www.artec3d.com/