Digital Transformation: You don’t need to be an Apple or Amazon to gain major business benefit

Are UK manufacturing boards in denial when it comes to Digital Transformation? Andrew Kinder, VP Industry & Solution Strategy at global enterprise software provider Infor, discusses the common inhibitors to embracing digital and describes some of the impressive gains he’s seen industrial businesses achieve.

How to claim your spot in the fast lane with Cloud Technology

Infor Digital Briefing eBook FC - Claiming your spot in the fast lane - 5 ways that cloud solutions power business agilityIncreasingly, cloud technology is being seen as an essential tool for turning change from a threat into an opportunity.

Imagine being able to:

  • Open new offices and acquire new companies without having to worry about buying servers or managing a myriad of technology platforms.
  • Expand and contract system capacity seamlessly to accommodate seasonal or cyclical variations.
  • Reduce the burden on IT and allow those valuable resources to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Enable employees to work the way they live—on their mobile devices and on-the-go.

To learn five key ways cloud computing can make these ‘what if’ scenarios possible, please click here.