New project aims to explore the origins of our solar system

An ambitious group of scientists have created a new space research project, via a Kickstarter campaign, aimed at reviving moon exploration.

Fresh off the back of the successful comet mission by the Rosetta-Philae lander, the new project, Lunar Mission One, aims to give people from around the world the opportunity to support and be a part of its pioneering project to explore the origins of the Earth, Moon and solar system.

Within 10 years, it is hoped that Lunar Mission One will land on the Moon’s South Pole. Using new technology, the mission’s aim is to drill to a depth of at least 20m deep, but potentially as deep as 100m. This will allow the mission to access and analyse, for the first time, lunar rock dating back around 4.5bn years.

According to Lunar Missions, scientists anticipate that this mission will provide new and significantly advanced insights into the origins and evolution of the Moon and Earth. It will also test the feasibility of a permanent manned base at the Moon’s South Pole.