What is Design & Technology – and why do we need it?

The D&T Association has produced a new video – narrated by Dick Powell (Founder, Seymourpowell) – aimed at students, parents and employers, and looks to demonstrate the importance of the subject in a balanced curriculum.

Exploring how the subject has developed from craft-based roots into a modern, creative and rigorous subject, the video explains why – with the current skills shortages in the creative, manufacturing and engineering industries – Design & Technology is a valuable subject for young people to study.

The video is part of the D&T Association’s ongoing ‘Designed and Made in Britain…?’ campaign which highlights the importance of the subject in a 21st century curriculum and the serious challenges facing it in many schools at the present time.

Designed and Made in Britain…?

Re-balancing the education system equals re-balancing the economy.

D&TA is hoping to bring together some of the brightest minds in British design and manufacture to join its campaign, including:

  • Dick Powell – founder, Seymourpowell
  • Will Butler-Adams – CEO, Brompton
  • Dinah Casson – founder,Casson Mann and RSA Royal Designer for Industry,
  • Rhys Morgan – director of engineering education, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • David Anderson – headteacher, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

For more information about the Designed and Made in Britain …? campaign, email: [email protected] or visit www.data.org.uk/campaign.