Building the secure, connected Smart Factory of the Future. Today.

Many businesses remain challenged in the early stages of digital maturity, supporting isolated projects without a holistic view. Even when they have that overview, they don’t necessarily know what to do with it.

While many hesitate, market leaders are collecting and integrating data across their manufacturing supply chain in a fashion that is easily accessible and value-driven.

Leveraging these insights, these forward-facing companies are reducing lead times and costs, optimising their workflows, delivering superior customer experiences and accelerating their market growth.

By the end of this on-demand video, you will know how to:

  • Understand technical debt, and how to turn it to your advantage
  • Lay the foundations for the Industrial Internet of Things by implementing proven infrastructure that integrates into your ERP, SAP and back office systems
  • Efficiently manage enterprise applications in the cloud for rapid development and deployment
  • Capture and use manufacturing data, analytics and insights to move from reactive to predictive maintenance
  • Secure and protect your IP and data, while adhering to governance, risk and compliance policy

Featuring Paul Mackay, Chief Technology Officer from Dell Technologies, and The Manufacturer Digital Editor, Jonny Williamson, who clearly and simply explain how your organisation can create the secure, connected Smart Factory of the future, today.

If you would like any further information regarding this topic, please feel free to email Maggie Henry of Dell Technologies – [email protected].

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