Global supply chains and lessons we can learn from the crisis

No aspect of our lives – commercial as well as personal – is untouched by the Coronavirus crisis. The impact on business is compounded by the damage being done to global supply chains.

But amid the disruption, there is an opportunity to learn lessons that show us how to emerge stronger than when we went in.

The digital technology company Infor is mining data from Infor Nexus, its multi-enterprise network platform connecting a worldwide supply chain community, to create a vision of global trade today that it is prepared to share with you.

Billions in international trade dollars are transacted through Infor Nexus each year along with huge volumes of transactional data flowing through its systems daily. The narrative that emerges from this data allows comparison between how historical supply chain disruptions were managed and what is happening to global trade today, creating a model that will guide businesses towards better planning and decision-making – now, and once the crisis has receded.

You have an opportunity to benefit from this wisdom by joining this webinar. As well as gaining an unprecedented level of deep understanding about what is happening across global trade channels, you will also learn how Infor is using software to bring greater connectedness, collaboration and transparency to the supply chains of the future.

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