The Modern Sales Playbook: Guiding B2B Buyers to Decision

Who should attend?

This webinar is for marketers, managers and stakeholders who are passionate about accelerating sales and unlocking revenue.

What is the webinar about?

Tired of watching your sales cycles crawl at a snail’s pace and your pipelines veer into uncertainty? You’re not alone.

The customer buying journey is nearly unrecognisable. In fact, the typical buying committee for a complex B2B solution consists of 6 to 10 decision-makers, each armed with 4 or 5 independently gathered pieces of information (Gartner).

But here’s the kicker—prospects often drop out of deals at the eleventh hour, and closing business feels like chasing a mirage in the desert. Your sales pipeline slips through your fingers like sand every month.

Why, you ask?

Because the buyer journey you knew and loved is dead. Your prospects now embark on a series of tasks before sealing the deal. They explore various solutions, build intricate requirements, and meticulously select a supplier. They do so with less and less input from your salespeople.

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  1. What the new buying journey looks like
  2. How to take back control of your pipeline
  3. Empowering your buyers so they find it easier to buy from you

This webinar is for ambitious, forward-thinking manufacturers who are looking for a mindset shift.

Register for free access and prepare to look at your sales process from a brand-new perspective: buyer enablement.


Nicky Bedwell

Business Development Manager, Intergage

Nicky has worked at Intergage for several years, and is currently a business development manager. She is a highly experienced digital marketer with a background in digital marketing, content creation, sales and project management.




Tom St John

Multimedia Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom is the Multimedia Editor at The Manufacturer (part of Nineteen Group). His professional background is in broadcast journalism; in tv and radio. As well as writing for The Manufacturer Magazine, he leads on all our video content and is a presenter on The Manufacturer Podcast. Tom has thoroughly enjoyed immersing himself in the stories that our manufacturing and vendor communities have to tell, and views sessions like these as a valuable extension of that. 


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