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Openda Ltd started life in 1997 as a small family run business. The company was created in response to a business owner who was struggling to find a suitable IT software solution, which would improve the efficiency of their business.  Following extensive consultation the business owner realised that he needed a bespoke solution and the Openda QX system was created.

Over the last 15 years, we have increased in size both in terms of the number of employees and the client base.

Openda’s employees are very much viewed as “The Openda Team” and are instrumental in ensuring the product continues to remain leading edge and that our customer support is first class.    The “Openda Team” has a close working relationship and we are proud of the very strong relationships we have built with our entire customer base, new and old.

The original QX solution was very different to the one implemented in our clients today.  Over the last few years the product has evolved significantly, so as to meet market requirements. The solution was completely redesigned, moving from a legacy character based system to a Window’s GUI.  In addition, there have been a multitude of enhancements and industry leading features incorporated into its design, all of which have enabled the QX solution to compete in the tough SME ERP market.

We continually seek to improve and invest in both our staff and our technology as we are confident that the QX solution helps to improve the business efficiency of our clients, therefore we have in place an ongoing development and enhancement program.

We have an enviable growing client base and are privileged to work with people up and down the UK including Wiltshire as well as further afield into the USA and mainland Europe.  Our vision is to provide a big brand experience while maintaining the unique benefits of a small company’s approach to customer service.

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