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Today’s growing organisations need to be able to coordinate a great deal of information. Every business division, from materials management, production and finance, to HR, sales and marketing, needs to know exactly what action needs to be taken, where, and when.

One ‘control centre’ for the whole organisation
In order to make the best use of your organisational resources, you need a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that can act as an organisation-wide control centre. This ‘control centre’ will collect status information and progress reports from different divisions and make them available to other departments. Information is updated by the users in real-time and accessible at any time to anyone who needs it.

A modular approach
Many organisations do not need the complete range of functionality available in the typical ERP suite. These suites are therefore usually offered in a modular format, allowing companies to implement only the modules they need, and to add more later if required. Oracle also provide a wide range of industry-specific modules, incorporating best practice functionality and processes for a specific industry sector.

Oracle Applications provide complete choice and a secure path for customers to benefit from the latest technology advances. Oracle Applications Unlimited is Oracle’s commitment to customer choice through continuous investment and innovation in current applications offerings.

The powerful combination of complete solutions and complete choice drives better business performance and helps customers tailor their enterprise business and IT strategy, optimize their IT investments and use IT as a strategic point of differentiation. Oracle’s next-generation Fusion Applications build upon that commitment, and are designed to:

  • Work with and create strategic business value around Oracle’s Applications Unlimited offerings.
  • Adhere to Oracle’s lifetime support policy that helps ensure customers will continue to have a choice in upgrade paths,
    based on their enterprise needs.

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