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Cofficient – UK

Our goal is to enable your business. Enablement through the use of world class software solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises. These solutions will provide you with a competitive edge. They can improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your existing processes or indeed facilitate the adoption of new processes.

We differ from many other providers by offering objective and independent advice. We’re not a one solution provider. We provide support on a carefully selected range of software solutions.

These solutions have been carefully selected for the following characteristics:

  • Affordable: provided for on a usage basis. A cost incurred according to your business activity rather than large lump sum cost.
  • Functionally complete: offering both breadth and depth to meet the needs of whole organisation and not just one part of it.
  • Scalable: ability to flex with your business both in terms of complexity and size.
  • Contemporary: solutions that automatically offer the latest in functionality and not just when you have to pay for it.
  • Ease of use: user adoption is a critical element of the deployment.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Easy to maintain.

We are a multi-disciplined team with multi industry exposure. Our experiences have been gained not only in providing IT solutions but also in using them within organizations. We can therefore talk knowledgeably about the benefits that can be gained through using the right technology.

Headquartered in Glasgow but serving the whole of the UK we also offer the comfort of being part of a global network of partners offering these solutions.

Typical user organisation profile: 30-200 employees and £10+ Turnover

User References: Genius & SMRU

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