Make it in Great Britain Industry Champion – Andrew Sims

Andrew Sims - Cooney Marine International Ltd

Andrew J Sims

Operations Director, Cooney Marine International

Andrew J Sims is the Operations Director of Cooney Marine International. Cooney Marine is a specialist in stainless steel engineering for the international marine industry and produce high end products used in the gullies of leisure cruisers and other marine craft. Andrew began his career in engineering at the age of 15 as an apprentice. He was the Young Businessman of the Year 2006 and MTA Personality of the Year 2010.

How has your company engaged with young people and the community to improve the image of manufacturing?

Every experience in my career has been down to my apprenticeship. It is important that Cooney Marine can offer the same great opportunity that I had so over the years we have taken on many apprentices. We already have five more lined up for 2012.

What have you personally contributed to help improve the image of manufacturing?

I have been working to reinforce the link between RDAs and government backed support bodies. I now want to bring this experience to a national level so that the Marine Industry can really feel the benefits.

What more needs to be done?

It is difficult to find people for certain skills and positions in general machining and engineering capabilities but also in production and design engineering. There needs to be more of an effort between the training providers and the needs of manufacturing with a specific focus on broader multi skills.