The Manufacturer Podcast: Sustainability Series, Episode 6

Posted on 25 Feb 2022 by Tom St John

The editorial team - Tom, Joe and Lanna, return for this week's episode of The Manufacturer Podcast.

Crikey – we’ve reached the end of our sustainability series! We take a look back over some of the people we’ve met, issues we’ve discussed and words we’ve mispronounced! 
We also catch up with the new Sustainability Manager at leading natural ingredients manufacturer,  Stephenson. Marie Masionnette has held the  role for around 6 months, she tells what the job entails and how she’s trying to make a difference.
Ben Goodare, part of last year’s Top100 alumni, speaks about his role as Chief Sustainability Officer at one of the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology companies, Renishaw. Ben explains how his role has changed over the past few years. 
We also speak briefly to Floriane Fidegnon from Policy Connect – who talks about Government’s role in helping manufacturers reach their carbon reduction goals. 

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Our guests

Marie Maisonette 

Prior to this, Marie was a raw material buyer for Stephenson, sourcing eco-friendly ingredients from across the world which has helped to build a specialist knowledge of product and technological innovations and ingredients including responsibly sourcing palm oil for product formulation. Her direct work with plantation managers and refiners has led to a deep understanding of the issues surrounding palm oil and its widespread usage.

Ben Goodare

Ben is the strategic leader on sustainability at Renishaw, working with the executive committee, and other senior management around the organisation, to try and embed sustainability into the business. He has always worked in-house for manufacturing companies within the sustainability teams. He states how much he enjoys the fact that manufacturing and sustainability work hand-in-hand to achieve more with lower impacts. The manufacturing teams at Renishaw have an increased production with a 72% reduction of GHG emissions over the past five years.

Floriane Fidegnon – Policy Connect

Policy Connect is a cross-party think tank specialising in supporting parliamentary groups, forums and commissions, delivering policy research and event programmes and bringing together parliamentarians and government in collaboration with academia, business and civil society to help shape public policy in Westminster and Whitehall.

It focusses on five key policy areas which are: Education & Skills; Industry, Technology & Innovation; Sustainability; Health; and Assistive & Accessible Technology.

Floriane joined the Industry, Technology and Innovation team at Policy Connect in January 2021. She is responsible for the strategic management of the ITI team’s work across the Manufacturing Commission, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Manufacturing (APMG), All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group (APDIG) and All-Party Parliamentary Data Analytics Group (APGDA).

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