Webinar: Gauging future demand

Date: 24 June
Location: Online

24 June 2020,  11:00am (UK Time)

Every manufacturer who survives this crisis wants to come out it with a roar, but how is that possible when supply chains are in tatters and both customers and suppliers are struggling to calibrate their own businesses? Understanding the fundamentals of Demand Forecasting will give you an edge, reducing the risk of getting your own supply resourcing dangerously wrong while underscoring to your customers that you are a reliable partner going forward. 

In the frame: Dr Chris Rutherford, Cranfield Uni. “Chris has designed, developed and delivered a numbers of customised short courses in the area of supply chain planning for a wide range of customers including: Accenture; Argos; Avon; Gillette; ICI; John Lewis; Ministry of Defence; NYK Logistics and many others.

As Director of her own consulting firm Chris has successfully helped many organisations reduce their stock investment through improved forecasting and optimal inventory management. Recent customers have included: BAE Systems; Defence Equipment and Support; Kimberley Clark; Kimberley Clark Professional; Random House Group; Susuki and World Duty Free.” 

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