Make it in Great Britain Industry Champion – Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor - CEO at Dynex Semiconductor
Paul Taylor - CEO at Dynex Semiconductor

Paul Taylor – CEO at Dynex Semiconductor

Paul Taylor is the CEO of Dynex Semiconductor, a provider of key components in power electronic supply chains that are essential for the development of global low carbon transportation, energy, and industrial infrastructures.

After studying electronics and a PhD in physics, Paul Taylor started his career as an R&D engineer, and after working in various management roles has been the CEO of Dynex since 2004.

Today the business is growing in both its manufacturing and its R&D functions and employs around 300 people in Lincoln.

How has your company engaged with young people and the community to improve the image of manufacturing?

Engagement with the community is quite new for Dynex, but as part of both the National and Local engineering communities I am getting the business more involved.

I am the vice-chair of the newly formed Power Electronics UK. This is a forum set up by Mark Prisk to deliver the UK power electronics strategy, and one of our key roles will be engagement with all stakeholders to promote engineering, and in particular to promote opportunities for young people to take up a career in power electronics. This initiative has captured the attention of most of the leading UK power electronics companies, and we are working together to coordinate our efforts.

What have you personally done to improve youth engagement with manufacturing?

I am a leading member of a local engineering group that is planning an event in Lincoln to celebrate our heritage of manufacturing and engineering. This will start after the summer to coincide with the start of the school year and culminate in an event in our magnificent cathedral next May. It will focus on young people and the local community, and as well as showcasing our great local engineering capability among other events, we will be running factory tours and competitions for the local schools and young people.