The Manufacturer Podcast: Check Out Our Awards Finalists! | Lanna Threatens to Quit | Made by a Moron

Happy Friday listener – here’s another podcast for your ears.

Last week, we announced the finalists for The Manufacturer MX Awards 2023. Hear the full rundown of award categories and shortlisted companies for this year.

You can hear what’s new on The Manufacturer, with a rundown of some of the latest news headlines in the sector.

We also launch a new section of the podcast, fresh with it’s own low budget jingle, ‘Made by a Moron.’ We pick out some products, be it the ones we use every day, be it an odd quirk in an otherwise solid product, or maybe it’s a product that has been in the news recently. We question, ‘How did that make it out of the factory?’

Do these products need improvement? Or do we just not know how to use them? Maybe we’re the morons…

There’s all that and more in today’s episode.

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