The Manufacturer Podcast: The Manufacturer Live 2023! | Leaders Summit | Top 1,000 | MX Awards

In this bumper episode of The Manufacturer Podcast, we’ve got coverage of both days of The Manufacturer Live at The ACC in Liverpool.

In this behind the scenes look at our two day event, you’ll learn what goes through the heads of our team at The Manufacturer, you’ll hear thoughts and interviews from some of the UK’s best manufacturers, and you’ll see the emotion and the drama, with first hand, immediate reactions from our finalists and winners at The Manufacturer MX Awards.

There’s a lot to get through in this episode, so here’s some time stamps of key bits:

Natasha Lyth of Gripple just before Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit: 7:38

Alison Beard-Gunter of Thermo Fisher just before Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit: 9:41

David Holmes of BAE Systems before his keynote at Manufacturing Leader’ Summit : 14:13

Top 1,000 drinks reception. Celebrating 10 years of our Top 100 programme: 22:04

Start of Day Two of Leaders’ Summit: 25:55

Tracey Woods of Cognizant speaking after Day Two of Leaders’ Summit: 36:41

The start of The Manufacturer MX Awards: 42:07

Reaction from our winners! 51:28

3am kebab: 60:08

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