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Lotus Professional® launches absorbent industrial wipes

Lotus Professional® has unveiled their new Impact Performance range of high Performance wipers, ideal for manufacturing, printing and industrial facilities.

Currently available in two quality levels , the high absorbency reusable wipes are made from a blend of non-woven fabrics, including cotton, giving them all the benefits of a durable industrial towel in a disposable, 100% bio-degradable*product By bonding natural fibres together and creating a unique web, the non-woven fabric of the Impact® Peformance range combines the best features known to textile products to create an enriched high performance fabric.

Impact® Performance products are durable and low linting. The sheets can be re-used through-out the day and are suitable for a range of tasks within manufacturing, from wiping down equipment to wiping up solvents. They are also highly absorbent, demonstrating up to a 75% improvement versus comparable non woven wipers during internal testing to Norm NF-EN-ISO 12625-8 and 12625-3. Upon disposal the wipes will biodegrade naturally over time in soil according to Norm EN-ISO846D. They have also been tested for heat resistance, which can be a vital attribute within the industry environment, and have achieved Class 1 status in test EN 407:2004.

Presented in a convenient hygienic polypack, Impact® wipes are completely portable, allowing them to be moved to wherever the task is. Additionally, opting for re-usable durable wipes limits the risk of over consumption and waste, helping large manufacturing plants control the cost of their wiping solutions.

Emma Nourry, Trade Marketing Manager for the Lotus Professional® brand at Georgia Pacific says, “Impact® Performance is designed for use across a number of sectors and meets the needs of specific roles within each of them. Providing absorbent and supple, durable towels offers a number of benefits to specific industries within manufacturing, especially large scale printing facilities, stationary suppliers and other production lines where absorbency and suppleness are key traits of an effective wiper.

We are committed to providing practical and hygienic products and the Impact® Performance range is a great example of this. Made from 100% natural fibres, Impact® Performance wipers are both highly durable and degradable*, making them an ideal product for many market sectors and applications”

For more information about Impact Performance or any other Lotus Professional® products please call 0114 2856666, or visit www.lotusprofessional.co.uk.
* ISO standard 846D, “testing of plastic materials, determination and evaluation of the effect of fungi and bacteria on polymeric materials”

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