4 Essential Sectors In The Modern Product Journey

Every product has a journey. It takes the work of lots of people in many fields to successfully produce and sell a new item. Here are some of the most irreplaceable sectors that influence a product’s life.


It goes without saying that a product needs to be fabricated in order to see any success at all. Manufacturing is a sector inexorably tied to the financial success of any new product. Manufacturing processes determine the quality of a new item, the expense involved in making it, and the safety of the people working to create it.

Manufacturing processes have been exponentially evolving for hundreds of years. Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacturing sector when he launched the first production line in the 1920s to produce the Model T car. Modern production lines use highly automated computer-controlled processes that create incredibly consistent results. Manufacturing is still a huge industry in the United States. Around 11 percent of the USA’s GDP is generated by manufacturing. Asian countries like the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam are also huge manufacturing powerhouses.


In order to sell a product, potential customers need to be convinced that they want it. Marketing is an immensely broad field but essentially can be boiled down to one base factor: spreading the word.

Product marketing strategy is one of the most important considerations that will determine the success or failure of a newly manufactured item. Product marketers come with all sorts of specialties and personality types, and finding the right symbiosis between a manufacturer, sales team, and marketer is crucial.


A huge amount of product purchases these days are made online. Once an order has been made, it has to be shipped, tracked, and arrive on time in order to keep customers happy. This is where a fulfillment company can be a great help to any product manufacturer or sales group. Fulfillment companies manage inventory stock, shipping, and tracking for companies that would otherwise struggle to scale up enough to have their own efficient shipping department. A good fulfillment company will operate distribution centers all around the country and have links to international distributors that can help build a global network. Fulfillment companies can also help manufacturers sort out the legal side of distributing goods – making the process of clearing customs and paying import and export charges a whole lot simpler. Visit the Red Stag website for more information about how a fulfillment company can improve your business operations.

Customer Service

Customer Experience is immensely important to any brand worth its salt. Keeping customers happy means that they are likely to be retained, leave good reviews, recommend products to their friends, and be receptive to marketing materials. The customer service sector is concerned with keeping customer experience positive. Modern customer experience is improved through a large variety of channels. Some are usually done in-house. Others, like contact center channels, can be contracted out to 3rd party specialists. Every business will choose a slightly different approach to appeal to their specific.