4 simple ways to improve factory waste disposal

Factories of varying sizes are fundamental to society, as they are responsible for producing endless items for many purposes. Unfortunately, factory waste is a necessary by-product of manufacturing, and factories must strive to dispose of it safely, ethically, and quickly.

Waste can mount up quickly on the factory floor, as a company might need to dispose of the packaging, old machinery, faulty products, and chemicals daily. Here are four simple ways to improve factory waste disposal to improve management.

1. Pick the best skip hire option for your factory

Most manufacturing companies depend on skips to quickly house and remove waste onsite safely and efficiently. To improve your factory’s flexibility, learn about the various skip hire options available to suit its disposal needs. For example, you can fill a commercial skip that’s available in sizes from 4 to 16+ yards.

Also, you can even organize a wait-and-load skip that will allow you to quickly fill a skip once it arrives at the factory and will immediately be removed from the site to improve internal efficiency and safety. Alternatively, you can arrange for a grab truck to rapidly remove substantial waste from your factory.

2. Reuse materials as much as possible

Prevent sending waste to landfill by attempting to reuse various manufacturing materials as much as possible. Upcycling materials cannot only help you run a greener factory, but it could generate more money for your manufacturing company.

Reusing materials or selling scrap could improve the factory’s financial security while decreasing the consumption of natural resources across many industries. For example, clothing brands could turn manufacturing waste into clothing or footwear, and cardboard boxes could be reused for packing material deliveries.

3. Prevent equipment breakdowns

Manufacturing equipment can break down due to wear and tear over the years. Still, you can increase its lifespan with regular maintenance. Protect the factory’s finances by organizing routine maintenance of machines to help them stand the test of time and stop them from entering a landfill. It will reduce equipment waste throughout the year while saving the business money and preserving the environment.

4. Use an industrial shredder

Prevent waste from spiraling out of control onsite by investing in an industrial shredder. It will reduce various types of waste to a fraction of its original size in larger quantities. For example, you can use an industrial shredder to condense:

  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Asphalt

Also, introduce specific bins or skips to make it easier to recycle or dispose of materials, which can create a more organized, efficient factory floor.


Waste is a natural by-product of manufacturing, but it should never impair a company’s productivity, safety, or efficiency. For this reason, factories must dispose of waste in a fast, hassle-free manner while working to reduce daily rubbish and decrease its physical size. For this reason, manufacturers must strive to reuse materials where possible, introduce the best skip sizes and industrial shredders, and maintain all equipment onsite to avoid breakdowns.