5 Important Health and Safety Considerations for Manufacturers

It is a well-known fact that there is a much higher risk for injury for those who work in the manufacturing industry. This is due to the fact that the industry is fast-paced, there are various pieces of dangerous equipment to operate, and there is often heavy lifting involved.

The good news is that these risks can be easily managed by taking on the right attitude and approaches to health and safety in the workplace. Here are a few important health and safety considerations for manufacturers in particular.

Ensure proper training

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make doubly sure that your employees have been properly trained in order to operate various machinery and equipment safely. This goes for initial training following a new hire, but it also goes for regular refresher training to help remind each employee about the importance of remaining alert and sticking to protocol when doing their jobs.

As workers become more confident in the tasks that they carry out on a daily basis, they may begin to be less cautious, and this can lead to an increased chance of accidents happening.

Invest in the right PPE

High quality personal protective equipment (PPE) is absolutely essential within the manufacturing environment. The type of PPE required will depend on the duties that each employee is responsible for, but it is always the employer’s responsibility to supply it and to make certain that each employee knows how to wear it in order to maximise their safety.

Ensure a clean environment

A clean and tidy work environment is proven to lower the risk of accidents taking place. A Chicago cleaning services company that is equipped to deal with heavy-duty dust and dirt is a must.

Host workshops

One of the best ways in which to optimise safety, and prevent accidents is to always keep your workers aware of the potential dangers of working in the manufacturing industry. It is important that they are well educated in this regard, so that they know when to be more careful and what to avoid. These workshops should also seek to teach employees about what to do in the event that somebody does get hurt while on the job.

It should also encourage them to report any potential hazards to management as and when they arise.

Hire a professional surveyor

If you think that conducting a basic health and safety analysis yourself is enough to protect your employees from harm, then think again. It is always worthwhile to hire a professional surveyor to scope out the workplace for potential dangers and assist you in managing risk.

These surveyors are closely affiliated with the Health and Safety sector and relevant authorities, meaning that they know exactly what to look for and how to solve issues. They will also approach the work space with an unbiased view, and offer a new perspective that could lead to them establishing various hazards that may have initially been missed or overlooked. Either way, by spending a little bit extra, you can be practically certain that you will end up saving yourself plenty of money in the long run, and that you will be able to promise a much healthier, safer workplace for your employees.

If you haven’t already, make health and safety at work a priority today.