TR Fastenings

Euro Rivet Bush Joins the TR Hank Family

Already in a position of strength dominating the UK market, TR Fastenings is set to capture new European business with the launch of its latest innovation, the Euro Rivet Bush. TR have been manufacturing the genuine Hank rivet bush for 30 years and consider themselves the market leader in the production and supply of rivet bushes in the UK.

Designed, developed and manufactured at TR’s production facility in the UK this new product offers an alternative to the Kerb-Konus and PSM rivet bush ranges. The Euro Rivet Bush is produced using multi-spindle machines, offering high performance products, at competitive prices.

Designed to offer a permanent female thread in sheet steel that is too thin to be tapped by conventional methods, the Euro Rivet Bush is easily installed and extensive in-house testing using the very best engineering equipment shows the product out performs similar products offered by TR’s competitors.

Available for immediate shipment in sizes M3-M8 in steel self finish or plated the product is offered in a number of different spigot lengths to suit specific applications. However, due to the flexibility of the UK manufacturing plant, TR also offer reduced lead times on any non-standard diameters or spigot lengths.

Steve Wallis from TR Fastenings says; “Prior to the launch of the Euro Rivet Bush TR were manufacturing 3 million parts per month, with the introduction of this new item production is set to soar as we win new business from the continent. We are confident that with the combination of a high quality product coupled with a competitive pricing structure customers will be switching to the Euro Rivet Bush.”

The genuine Euro and Hank rivet bush products can be used in a number of industry sectors, including sheet metal fabricators, white goods, automotive, electronic and telecommunications and many more.

TR Fastenings offer a wide range of other sheet metal products, including; Hank self clinch, weld nuts, blind rivets, K-series, blind rivet nuts and weld studs.