Armacell UK Ltd


Armacell have been pleased to help a conservation project with a charitable donation of their Armaflex insulation materials to the Conserve Wildlife Group. The materials are to be used on a site in Yorkshire, to provide frost protection for plastic water pipes laid between temporary buildings which are used to provide planning, workshop and storage accommodation as well as education, training and general site operation facilities.

Run by volunteers, the Group aims to protect and conserve both the local wildlife and the natural habitats for the public benefit. They also provide on call support for landowners and the emergency services (Police, Fire, RSPCA) for wildlife related issues and incidents. They raise public awareness as well as data recording and research on wildlife combined with survey and monitoring activities. The group also builds hides and arranges public walks, visits and wildlife watching opportunities, as well as many other nature related events.

Class O Armaflex self-seal pipe insulation tubes in two metre lengths were provided to cover 15 and 22mm pipe sizes and providing insulation thicknesses of 19 or 25mm respectively. Sealing tape was also supplied for effective insulation of joint and junctions where required. Armaflex is the leading elastomeric insulation brand and the closed cell nitrile rubber material is renowned for its ease of application and excellent thermal performance to prevent energy losses and condensation on cold water service lines. They provide a highly efficient method of insulating water service lines for energy conservation and frost protection.

Derek Hood, Armacell UK Business Manager said, “At Armacell UK we pride ourselves on our community involvement and are pleased to be able to support the work being carried out by conservation groups to benefit local wildlife and the environment in the region. We wish the group all the best in their future endeavours.”

Paul Hayward, Group Secretary for Conserve Wildlife Group (Administrative Operations Base) commented, “It is vital that companies such as Armacell UK come forward to offer their invaluable support for projects like this which do not receive any formal funding. In particular the Armaflex Self-Seal Insulation will provide a quick and easy solution for insulating the water services and helping to improve the sustainability of the project.”