Assembled Electronic Solutions

Rapid growth and knowledge-based approach of AES receives praise from Lord Digby Jones

The record growth into global markets and investments in new equipment and staff of Stratford-based electrical engineering specialists Assembled Electronics Solutions Limited (AES) has received high praise from Lord Digby Jones.

At the heart of the company’s investment has been the re-positioning of the firm as a ‘design hub’ and the establishment of a new design centre, where the firm invites other engineers to attend and openly collaborate on new projects in an approach typical of the USA rather than the UK.

The collaborative approach focuses on adding value through innovative engineering knowledge transfer and advanced manufacturing practices, rather than competing on price alone. In addition to building a global client base and turnover in excess of £1.3m in its first three and a half years of trading, the approach has been commended by Lord Digby Jones:

“The great thing about the UK is our ability to generate ideas, develop new products and add value in the manufacturing process from our knowledge base. This should continue to be our focus in establishing UK manufacturing and engineering as a force on the global stage, exporting our ideas and innovations to the world. Assembled Electronic Solutions are a great example of how this theory can be put into practice”.

In the last year alone, AES was involved in the design and manufacture of a variety of products. Apart from designing, testing and programming security-monitoring and safety equipment for the rail sector, the firm has also worked on high specification electronic assemblies with calibrated software for aerospace production equipment.

Having only been established in June 2009, the company has consistently defied the economic downturn by yearly increasing its turnover, including doubling the January and February revenues from 2012, and building an ever-growing and diverse customer base.

The design centre follows several other investments that were recently made by the company including new automated production and inspection equipment such as an optical inspection machine, a component potting machine and additional SMT automated electronic assembly equipment. AES’ Managing Director Nigel Maris adds:

“The investment in technology and human resources is part of a £100k commitment to quality and capacity both for manufacture and design. The partnership approach, particularly in the design phase, helps to reduce manufacturing costs and to integrate product styling with design for manufacture. This brings its own rewards in terms of consistency in build and the time to market”.

As part of its expansion, AES has hired several new specialists, including an experienced Technical Manager who is going to head the design department, a Software Engineer specialising in graphical interfaces and communications software and an Electro-medical Designer.

Already processing equipment for the medical sector, with many of the end-products being exported to the USA and the rest of Europe, the company’s next phase of investment will include the final implementation of the Medical Quality Standard ISO13485 as well as further design tools and software.

Assembled Electronics Solutions is a Stratford based electronics company, working within a variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, security and original equipment manufacturing. Established in 2009, the business operates an open, partnership approach, focusing on the development of enduring business relationships and on increasing the range of services within its niche as a medium-volume manufacturer.