Benefits of Using AR in Manufacturing

Anybody who works in manufacturing knows how competitive this industry can be. To become more competitive, many manufacturing companies have taken the step to implement digital transformation in their manufacturing operations, with this having a positive effect on the bottom line of many operations. With various digital transformation approaches such as PLM, gamification and immersive experiences getting more popular, there’s no time like the present to consider augmented reality of AR app development services, which is quickly becoming one of the most ground-breaking strategies for digital transformation.

How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented reality works by utilizing a camera on a device such as a smartphone to capture live footage before it is displayed with 3D elements overlaid on the screen. Because of this, it allows part of the visible environment to become digital, and in some cases interactive. Unlike virtual reality, it doesn’t require a headset or take up the entire field of vision for the user. No special controllers that are used to conduct motions on the screen are needed. Only some elements and environments are digitally visualized, so it becomes a compromise between seeing a world that is fully physical or fully digital.

Reduced Cost and Risk

In manufacturing, AR apps are now being used to replace the function or work of real people or equipment. In many cases, this can help to keep costs low and prevent workers from getting into risky situations or avoid working in dangerous conditions depending on the work.

Improve Worker Engagement

Immersive AR apps are often exciting to use in work, as they bring a lot of novelty to the workplace and provide a unique experience that you cannot find in day to day life. Because of this, they can work very well when it comes to boosting employee engagement and performance.

Instant Object Recognition

AR apps use advanced tracking software to scan settings and objects. They pick up details and can come to conclusions that may be difficult or impossible for ordinary human workers to see or reach on their own. This can improve workflow and ultimately the manufacturing process.

Remote Productivity

AR creates digital constructs directly on the screen of the user, which makes it possible to work and complete tasks in virtually any location, as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or other device with a camera and a screen that will support an AR app.

Lifelike Simulations

Many good AR apps have coding that is sufficiently detailed and elaborate to allow them to correctly measure distance and scale, recognize surfaces, and more. Because of this, they are able to visualize digital elements that are lifelike when it comes to scale, features, and many other factors.

As an open technology, AR has been around for about a decade, although it may seem much newer. Over time, this has allowed manufacturing companies around the world to come up with various creative ideas and applications for using AR. Training and collaboration of manufacturing employees are common uses, along with digital twin applications, product configurators, and more.