BK-ALPROF — Russian quality aluminum profiles for the whole world

BK-ALPROF is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum profiles in Russia.

This company with great malleableness, just like aluminum itself, builds lasting business relationships with its partners; it produces a wide range of extruded aluminum profiles for domestic and foreign markets.

BK-ALPROF was established in 2003, when a plant focused on all types of extruded aluminum shapes was put into operation in the town of Belaya Kalitva, the region of Rostov. Its own foundry was launched in 2007.

Today, in addition to extruded aluminum shapes, we offer machining coating, painting, anodic oxidation, casting of cylindrical ingots from aluminum alloys, as well as the sale of aluminum profiles and the production of translucent structures.

The company quickly gained high production rates, and today BK-ALPROF is a reliable partner for foreign customers.

The main principles of the company are based on maintaining a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The system is certified by the international organization TÜV NORD CERT, but is constantly improving and increasing its effectiveness.

Production of aluminum profiles in numbers

20,000 tons of profiles per year — this is the productivity of ООО «BK-ALPROF» today. The production is carried out on three press lines, two of them operate on the basis of hydraulic presses with a force of 12.5 MN each, the third one is manufactured by the Italian company OMAV and is based on an SMS press with a force of 18 MN. Having its own foundry guarantees complete protection from disruptions in the supply of raw materials for pressing aluminum profiles.

Taking into account the new requirements in construction, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering the specialists of BK-ALPROF keep expanding the range of aluminum profiles it makes. The company develops new designs that meet the needs of the construction industry. Moving towards these goals, the company constantly keeps updating the current equipment and introducing new ones. For example, over the past few years, the third line was put into operation. Thanks to this the productivity of the company has increased by 30%. Also, a new line for long aluminum extrusions began to function. After its launch, the maximum length of heat-treated aluminum profiles became 12 meters, which made it possible to significantly expand the range of products.

All the press lines have been modernized. In addition to the launch of the aluminum profile extrusion line based on a 12.5 MN press, and a complete update of the ingot heating furnace, the tool heating furnace, and the output line; a new automatic press control system was installed. Due to the modernization, the productivity of the press has increased by 25%. A section of mechanical processing of aluminum profiles has been launched, which has allowed expanding the company’s capability in the field of providing additional services and manufacturing finished products.

Aluminum profiles at the international level

The company “BK-ALPROF” ships its production not only within Russia, but also to the United States, EU and Asia.

The company is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions. Only in the last two years, it has demonstrated its unique aluminum products at the exhibitions MetalExpo, MosBuild, and the largest international exhibition called ALUMINIUM in Dusseldorf (Germany).

BK-ALPROF is entrusted with the creation of important urban infrastructure facilities. In 2020, on the eve of the Metallurgist’s Day, a solemn opening ceremony of a memorial stele was held in the city park of Belaya Kalitva, representatives of BK-ALPROF also took part in the implementation of the project. See the official website for more information: https://bkalprof.com/.