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Crowning Glory for ByBox

Innovation at Work

ByBox has developed a bespoke inbound Europe service to transport parts for forklift manufacturer Crown, whose European headquarters are in Germany, direct to its UK customers.

In today’s competitive business environment where Crown’s customers use their forklift trucks intensively, it is essential that the amount of time a vehicle is out of operation for repair is kept to a minimum.

Crown prides itself on engineering each forklift truck for optimum and economic productivity throughout its working life. However to achieve premium performance, each vehicle requires regular, scheduled maintenance.

With its European parts centre in Munich, Germany, Crown required the assurance that parts would reach its UK customers on time, every time, so it turned to ByBox which operates a successful delivery model in the UK, France and Benelux countries.

ByBox delivers overnight, pre-8am, to a national network of more than 18,000 drop boxes at 1,400 locations in the UK, ready for an engineer to collect before the start of the day’s work. The service runs 365 days a year, with an enviable 99.77% pre 8am delivery success rate.

ByBox collects components from Crown’s parts centre in Munich, transports them to Frankfurt, then flies them into Birmingham, UK, for onward delivery to ByBox’ central hub in Coventry.

Once sorted, parts are then delivered overnight to Lock Boxes which ByBox has installed on Crown’s own customer sites so that engineers can pick up the parts with the utmost convenience. Engineers are sent a text message when the items are ready to collect and use a unique key to gain access to the secure locker.

Mike Knowles, UK Operations Director of Crown said, “Despite the economic downturn Crown has experienced tremendous demand for its products and services; as such Crown had to revaluate its parts delivery and ensure a supply chain process that could meet the expectations of our customers. ByBox have been able to provide Crown with a daily pre 8am next day delivery from our European Parts Centre to all Crown engineers and customers with ByBox locations in the UK. The whole project was delivered on time, within cost and most importantly without any disruption to Crown’s customers.”

Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox said: “We work closely with our customers to provide them with solutions that best meet their needs.

“Our work for Crown is an example of how we can tailor our services depending on particular requirements and we are very pleased with how our partnership continues to grow from strength to strength.”

The whereabouts of parts are tracked at all times using ByBox’ unique software platform Thinventory™, facilitating optimal use of stock, and engineers can return parts easily by placing them in the drop box.

The ByBox network is continually expanding, with drop boxes now introduced to France, the Republic of Ireland and the Benelux countries, and ByBox has recently moved into the consumer market.

Some retailers such as and Jokers Masquerade have offered customers the option of next-day delivery to the ByBox network. The service allows customers to collect their internet orders at a locker if they are unable to receive deliveries at home or at work; ensuring they never miss a delivery.

Founded in 2000, ByBox has swiftly grown to turnover £51 million this year, delivering more than 20 million packages a year and more than 20,000 mobile engineers use the ByBox platform daily.