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The complete service solution in a box

Delivering success. The toughest delivery of them all but one that ByBox thrive at. The market leaders in field service solutions cater for a multitude of unique requirements using their innovative and ground breaking locker network which ensures engineers start each day’s work with the right parts. Ranging from fully traceable deliveries and returns 7 days a week to the repair/exchange of items, ByBox do it all.

ByBox specialise in delivering items pre 8am into the largest and most sophisticated dropbox network in the UK. 18,000 dropboxes in 1,400 locations mean that a dropbox is on average within 2.5 miles of a field engineer. Lockers are located at convenient locations such as supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations and with them being accessible 24/7, engineers can collect parts at their convenience.

There are also networks in the Republic of Ireland, France and the Benelux. The entire ByBox operation runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day and New Years Day; and with a delivery success rate of 99.63% it is no wonder the company is growing so quickly. ByBox has a number of blue chip customers such as Coca Cola Enterprises, Konica Minolta, Computacenter, GlaxoSmithKline and Inspired Gaming.

By harnessing technology, investing in innovation and cultivating creativity, ByBox has stripped inefficiencies out of their customers’ supply chains, saving them both time and money. The reliability of the service is also a major benefit for customers and the fact that all movements of parts are tracked in real time on the ByBox website using Thinventory™; a software platform ByBox developed which allows for 100% track and trace of parts at every stage of the supply chain. This allows customers to have greater control over parts in the field.

ByBox makes 20 million deliveries a year and over 20,000 mobile engineers use the ByBox platform daily. Their customers work in a variety of different sectors, providing near perfect supply chain solutions to each of them. One of these customers is Siemens Metering Services, a specialist division of Siemens plc, which installs, maintains and reads meters at 11 million premises and is the leading independent provider of metering services in the UK.

Not only has the productivity of Siemens Metering Services engineers increased since using the ByBox service but it has also outsourced its stock management to the company. Siemens Metering Services now no longer has to retain its own warehouse operation, thus directly saving on costs as well.

James Townsend, Head of Contract Management at Siemens Metering Services, said: “We met with ByBox and together came up with a solution that worked for us. ByBox provides us with the results we need with regards to both meeting our Service Level Agreements and increasing efficiency for our customers. We are very happy with the flexible solution that ByBox has helped us put into practice.”