unveils new version of CrateDB for IIoT-enabled manufacturers

CRATE.IO, developer and provider of the industry’s leading database for machine data and Internet of Things (IoT) applications at scale, today announced the immediate availability of CrateDB 4.1.’s flagship solution, CrateDB is primarily utilized for customers’ Industrial IoT use cases where particularly large volumes of sensor and machine data in various formats have to be collected, stored, and analyzed in real time. CrateDB, a distributed SQL database built on top of a NoSQL foundation, enables the development of complex data management solutions that make manufacturing automation work more effectively and cost-efficiently.

The new release of CrateDB 4.1 introduces a number of additions and improved functionalities designed to meet customer requirements for easily storing and analyzing real-time data.

Among the new capabilities included in CrateDB 4.1:

  • Enhanced window functions for continuous IIoT and time-series data

To facilitate IIoT use cases built on time-series data, CrateDB continues to focus on the implementation of window functions. With CrateDB 4.1, customers are now able to fill gaps in their data – a crucial capability as sensors do not always send data. Windows in the query can also now be defined not only by the range, but also via rows. Doing so allows CrateDB users to define the window more precisely, making it easier to work with continuous and interval-based data. Additionally, the new window functions now simplify statements for otherwise-complicated windows that are used several times within a query.

  • Handling time-series data gets easier

IoT applications with time-series data continue to be increasingly popular CrateDB use cases. One of the major challenges is the transformation of random data into a clean stream of data with a constant interval. CrateDB 4.1 introduces more simplification around this to benefit users.

  • Additional scalar functions for strings

CrateDB 4.1 adds a number of popular scalar functions for working with strings.

  • Faster database performance customers often use SELECT DISTINCT on large volumes of data. Queries now run 200% faster and require less memory with CrateDB 4.1.

“CrateDB 4.1 focuses on the cutting of data, time-series, stability, and performance enhancements,” explains Johannes Moser, Head of Product at “Listening to our customers, we have succeeded in making a number of improvements that make the complexity of industrial applications easier to handle for the user and thus contribute to increased efficiency.”

CrateDB 4.1 is now available for download here:

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