Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd


Curtis Instruments has just unveiled the newest addition to the Curtis marketing mix: the Curtis mobile website for smart phones and pads. It is now live and active and compatible with the major global smartphones and pads. The new format is intuitive, easy-to-read, and seamlessly integrates with new standards for mobile communication.

It is not an application but a specially formatted extension and abbreviated version of the main Curtis website. It is not meant to contain the vast data as published on the main website, but to focus on the primary information required by customers, including:
• About Curtis: a short descriptive overview paragraph.
• Products: Based on the datasheet section menus and structure of the main website, this section includes the basic product information and a short description, product photo and links to datasheets and manuals.
• Contact: Worldwide locations with address, telephone, and fax. You can dial to a location by hitting the telephone number link.
• News: Short press releases as shown on the main website.
• Main website link: Allows you to jump over to the main Curtis site
Why is this happening?
The increasing popularity of mobile communications globally has created the new requirement to allow all concerned to view our website with all devices. As such, the smaller devices required a new format to easily read the information, no matter whether using a desktop PC, a laptop, a pad or a smartphone. Curtis leads the competition in this area, as the first ones out of the gate with this convenient format.
How do you get to it?
When using your smartphone or pad browser to find our main website, either through a search engine or by directly entering, you will be automatically routed to the mobile site. For example, when using an iPad, you will see the mobile site. If you wish to migrate to the main site you simply click on the link.
How is product information updated?
The administration function of the main website automatically implements updates made to the main website to the mobile website. They are tied seamlessly into one administration function.
What should we do with this?
You can use the new mobile site by bookmarking and sharing the link on your phone or pad.
For technical help please email [email protected] – local contact details are 01604 885201 or email [email protected]

PR Contact: Alan Cossons at First Impressions, 51 Caroline Street, London E1 0JG. Tel: 0207 780 9580; email [email protected]