Digitization in diamond industry: Coborn and Relayr will equip diamond grinding machines with guaranteed performance, increased productivity and predictive maintenance

THANKS to engagement with relayr, Coborn is adding new digital services to their diamond grinding machines which will improve product performance and therefore increase asset utilization for the customer.

The long-term partnership will also add an innovative pay per use model which will make financing Coborn grinding machines easier for customers.

7 May 2019, Berlin/Romford: Coborn Engineering Company Limited, a global provider of engineered solutions for the diamond industry, and relayr, a specialist for industrial solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), are joining forces. The purpose of the long-term partnership is to develop Coborn’s diamond grinding machines into smart equipment by implementing digital services in their products.

Thanks to anomaly detection through relayr’s AI-based analytics, data collected from Coborn’s machines will allow them to determine and resolve failures in advance. Delivering preemptive service to each customer will enable Coborn to offer machines with guaranteed performance and availability targets. Each machine will also come with an insurance policy to support these guarantees. Additionally, Coborn will be offering a pay per use business model for their equipment, also known as an Equipment as a Service (EaaS) model. EaaS is an innovative business model in which Coborn‘s diamond grinding machines are not sold but made available for a usage fee. Coborn will remain responsible for maintenance, service, repairs and spare parts. This model makes Coborn’s products easier to finance for companies in the diamond industry, especially in emerging markets.

Partnering with relayr will enable Coborn to deliver business solutions to their customers through a unique blend of technology, finance, and insurance offerings. This unrivaled approach will provide a distinct level of customized customer support and services whilst guaranteeing the uptime of Coborn’s Intelligent Machines. In turn, Coborn customers will be able to increase their productivity and receive exactly the services they need.

For Coborn, cooperation with relayr is decisive for the further expansion of the company:

“Coborn is the only global company that is totally focused on grinding and polishing all types of diamonds. Our company is a vital part of the diamond industries value chain. The partnership with relayr is a unique opportunity to provide engineered solutions, both technical and commercial, to support the continued growth of the industry by predictive maintenance, controlled machine downtime and ultimately, process optimisation. It will enable our customers to realise the full potential value from our machines,” explains Steve Westlake, Managing Director at Coborn.

“OPEX Revenue models like EaaS are fundamental to the successful digitization of any industry. We are proud to help Coborn grow through our intelligent technology, supply expertise, insurance products, and financing options. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to Coborn and ensure their success across the board and ensure that we bring the power of relayr’s technology, and coupled with the financial tools and strength of Munich Re Group for Coborn and their customers. Coborn are set out to disrupt their market, and as relayr we will be by their side to help.” adds Josef Brunner, CEO of relayr.

Digital transformation is one of the greatest opportunities for the global diamond industry. Digital technologies, especially the Internet of Things, will affect not only diamond processing but all parts of the value chain of the diamond industry and will have a huge impact on increasing efficiency and productivity. The partnership between Coborn and relayr will make a significant contribution to further advancing this development.


About Coborn:

Established in 1941 by Sam Innocent, Coborn Engineering initially manufactured high precision spindles and balancing systems which was the basis from which Coborn started supplying scaife spindles to the gem diamond industry. Today, Coborn has a unique, global position supplying specialised, high-precision grinding and polishing machines to the polycrystalline diamond industry, natural diamond industry and the gem industry with over 90% of machines being exported throughout the world. Coborn’s aim is to provide ‘Engineered Solutions to the Diamond Industry’ and we constantly strive to improve our range of products, services and solutions. Coborn’s proactive approach to specific customer needs in the rapidly developing industrial diamond market has become the greatest factor in the continuing success of the company.

Today Coborn offers a wide range of machines and accessories for all facets of the diamond industry including the latest-generation PG4 and RG9A grinding machines with full CNC control which are used extensively in the production of diamond cutting tools to meet the specific demands of modern machine shops/manufacturers. We continue to work closely with our  global customer base, our  industry partners and our academic partners to ensure that the necessary machine developments and innovations are being addressed.