E2S Warning Signals

The E2S Spectra visual warning beacon family

The Spectra family of visual warning indicators from E2S is designed for industrial market applications. It covers all the sizes from panel lamps through to powerful rotating and Xenon beacons, and is intended to give safety warning, status indication, fire alarm and general alert warnings. The IP65 sealed beacons are suitable for outdoor applications and offers a range of technologies including Xenon, LED, Halogen, incandescent and filament lamps.

The LED technology offers long life and is ideal for status lamp applications where the beacon is illuminated continuously or where access or maintenance is difficult and gives significantly lower life costs than traditional filament lamps. Other options include synchronised Xenon strobes where all units connected to the same power supply will flash together, a requirement in many fire alarm installations.

The B350 and B450 traffic light beacons are designed to provide status and safety warning in industrial applications such as factories, warehouses and process control systems. The units are available with either filament lamps or a long life LED light source, which is ideal for applications where access or maintenance is difficult; it offers significantly lower life costs than traditional filament lamps. Lenses are available in Red, Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Yellow and can be linked together to form vertical or horizontal sets of lights with any combination of colours.

The lens cover can be positioned to suit either orientation and all units have a choice of three cable entries – two around the side and one on the base – giving maximum installation flexibility.

A choice of wall and pole mounting brackets are available.

For further information, and to download drawings, datasheets, installation instructions, approval certificates and images please visit www.e2s.com