Is Green Construction Actually Profitable? Looking at it from a Business Viewpoint

We know that environmental consciousness is a necessary concern in every industrial field, as the effects of not being acquiescent with the environmental standards are becoming more apparent with every passing year.

However, in order for the smaller general contractors to participate in the green construction initiatives, the projects need to be profitable as well, otherwise it would go against the very purpose of running a business in the first place. On that note, let’s take a look at green construction from a business point of view and find out if the financial aspects here are of any promise.

Dealing with the Elephant in the Room

As it is supposed to be a business-oriented piece, let’s address the elephant in the room first. In spite of all the planetary benefits, it is still a fact that traditional construction can be generally cheaper than conscious, eco-friendly construction methods and materials.

This happens to be a big problem for the contractor, because in order for them to be part of the clean earth program, the clients need to agree to the costlier investments as well. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, would prefer to save money, as the difference in expenses could be quite significant, depending on the scale of the particular project.

Developing Mindsets are Playing a Big Role in Changing That

Thanks primarily to the internet and social media, more people now know about the hazardous water, land and air conditions which are being created by traditional construction methods and materials. This has already played a big role in changing the customer mindset in both the residential and commercial sector.

A good number of clients in 2019 are willing to shell out that extra cash if it means better health for the ones using the building, financial gains in the long run, and reduced impact on the environment around the construction site. There’s still a long way to go of course, but the customer mindset will continue to change even more towards adopting eco-friendly construction in the coming years.

From the perspective of the contractor or any other associated business, there is no reason why a green construction project can’t be profitable, if the clients agree to the pricing.

EPA-Compliant Suppliers: Green Construction Materials at Affordable Prices

In order for the materials to be EPA-compliant, they need to be manufactured and supplied by an EPA-compliant organization like WR Meadows first.

Their products cover a whole range of construction materials, with specialized focus on providing eco-friendly, air/water insulation solutions to commercial and residential contractors. The strict EPA-compliance and the availability of the materials at affordable wholesale prices are all part of what makes WR Meadows a dependable, green materials supplier for contractors to partner up with.

Failure to Comply with the EPA Standards will Incur Severe Punishments

The United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has become particularly strict in regard to both construction materials used, as well as the methods used by a contractor in any new project.

Failure to comply to each and every one of the EPA standards could result in anything from a hefty fine and costly corrective measures, to cancellation of the contractor’s license (where applicable) and actual jailtime. Since this could very well ruin a business’s reputation and finances at the very least, and put key decision makers in jail at worst, EPA compliance is mandatory to even consider being profitable in construction today.