Hi-line Industries Ltd


The Tundra range of refrigerant air dryers from Hi-line Industries are now supplied with an ultra high-efficiency, single-cell heat exchanger, providing improved condensate removal combined with a reduction in energy usage. These dryer products, which were initially introduced in 2012, have established performance credentials which have now been even further enhanced following this latest development.

The new compact heat exchanger unit ensures maximum efficiency of the heat transfer process which is achieved at the lowest energy cost. While proven worldwide components utilised for the Tundra refrigerant system ensure maximum operating reliability, liquid receivers, line dryers, thermostatic expansion valves and other safety features also help to protect the Freon compressor and its components. Unlike other heat exchangers, the flow mixing chamber is located at the outlet of the air/air exchanger. This ensures that the air temperatures are stabilised with a uniform air flow entering the evaporator allowing for optimum exchange within the refrigerant fluid.

The Tundra products operate with minimal air pressure drop due to the unique heat exchanger configuration, whilst also maintaining a constant +3°C dewpoint. Additional energy savings have also been achieved with the provision of optional Hi-line zero loss (ZLD) condensate removal autodrains.

A total of 16 models are available ex-stock in the range covering air throughput flow capacities from 21 to 1605 scfm (35 – 2720 m3/hr). Eleven of the smaller models in the range run off a 230V single phase 50Hz supply with the balance run from 400V three phase 50Hz. All units are designed for operation at varying air pressures of 2 – 16 barg with a maximum inlet air temperature of 60°C, and ambient air temperatures of between 0° – 50°C can be accommodated. A high pressure range for operation at 50 barg can also be manufactured to order, together with larger dryers up to 9988 cfm flow rates.